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Client Testimonials

photoI have been extremely pleased with the service I have received from Online Transcription Service.

At times I have large volumes of work that has to the typed within a short time – Online Transcription Services have really responded and this has made a huge difference to our ability to meet clients’ needs. I like the ability to track jobs and the turnaround time is great.

I am very happy to have changed to Online Transcription Services and recommend them without hesitation."

Deborah Archbold
Principal, Wilson Consulting

photoI use Online Transcription Services as an overflow or for discrete activities. Using the provided functionality, I was able to configure my Olympus DVR to send the dictations automatically when docked.

I receive the completed documents the same day or early the next morning. I also submit scanned documents for copy typing. The transcriptions are returned on my letterhead or my email header or with the firm’s details set out in court documents automatically.

OTS provides me with a fast and inexpensive solution when my secretary is too busy or on vacation. OTS always delivers with speed and good humour.

Tony Melville
Solicitor, Aldgate Lawyers

photoI am a retired ear, nose and throat surgeon in Sydney who now does a moderate amount of medicolegal work and also extensive study and research in viticulture. Since the beginning of 2008 I have used OTS as a transcription service for all my medicolegal reports and for all my university reports including assignments, papers and research thesis.

I have found both Naomi and David to be highly efficient and expert with a very quick turnover of reports after they are dictated. If there is any problem it is very easy and quick to either ring/email Naomi or David and the problem is sorted out very quickly.

Some colleges use overseas typing services in India or the Philippines. While these may be marginally cheaper, nothing can substitute for having a native speaking Australian ,who intuitively understands what you are trying to say, typing your words AND who can be instantly contacted to discuss setups, problems etc.

I highly recommend OTS for any kind of online typing service, whether it be medical, non-medical or scientific - they will deliver.

Dr Peter Noyce

photoI have been using OTS for a number of years now for relatively lengthy dictated documents. The service has been accurate, quick and very responsive.

I rely on OTS and they have partnered my small business to be more successful than ever. I cannot recommend them too highly

David Dubos
Principal, David Dubos Consulting

photoI have been using the transcription services of Online Transcription Services run by David and Naomi Robinson for several years to perform extremely demanding medico-legal transcription reports often more than 3000 words in length.

I have in the past used other commercial services of this nature, and can confirm that there is no comparison between them and the services provided by OTS. They do not simply perform unquestioning transcription of my dictation as received - not infrequently there are usually quite correct and relevant references to inconsistencies in dates or other factual information which is critical to the acceptance of my reports by clients in the legal and Court environment to whom they are addressed.

I have no hesitation in recommending them highly to any prospective client.

Surgical Consultant

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