• Legal Transcription

    With over 50 years of law firm experience in our team we can confidently handle all your legal transcription requirements.  Letters, affidavits, court documents, witness testimony and barrister briefings to name a few.
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  • Medical Transcription

    We cater to all medical specialties and disciplines. Our experienced medical transcriptionists create professional medical reports and documents.
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  • Conferences and Meetings.

    Whether you require the minutes of a meeting or an entire conference transcribed, Online Transcription Services is the solution.
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  • Copy Typing.

    Yes we still do good old fashioned copy typing. Either from physical documents or as is increasingly common, from PDF and other formats of scanned documents that can be emailed or uploaded.
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  • Journalism.

    With the ongoing reduction of the media cycle, writers and journalists are increasingly outsourcing the transcription & copy-typing of their material to meet the shorter deadlines and enable them to focus on content creation.
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  • Survey & Poll Data Entry.

    Get your survey results converted into useable data. Paper surveys, recorded telephone surveys & SMS surveys are no problem for us. Data can be collated into flat file formats (.csv, .xls or .xlsx) or into a database file (.mdb or .accdb).
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Highest quality work.

quality-iconWe take pride in the fact that as well as being more competetive than in-house transcription we often receive feedback advising surprise at the superior level of accuracy and quality of our transcriptions.

Enterprise level security.

ssl-securityUtilizing the latest technologies your data and communications are protected from unauthorized access. All communications with our server (FTP and Browser based) are SSL encrypted ensuring the highest level of security.


24 hr Turnaround.


Monthy Invoicing.


No Contracts.

Flexible pricing.

pricingProductivity based pricing methods ensure that you pay only for what we do. Online Transcription Services offers two charging methods, both of which are linked to the amount of work performed NOT the time taken to perform the work.

Good for business.

chartThere are many associated costs to consider above and beyond the base salary when trying to establish the overall cost of an employee. No matter how you juggle the numbers it is a high fixed cost that compares miserably with the productivity based cost associated with outsourcing your transcription to OTS.

Confidentiality & PI Insurance

securityWe take the confidentiality of your files and their security seriously. We hold confidentiality agreements both with your firm and our employees backed up with professional imdemnity insurance written specifically for us. The insurance in underwritten by Chartis Australia Insurance Limited. A copy of the insurance policy and its certificate of currency are available upon request.

Pricing methods explained

moneyThe industry standard method of charging which is based on the 'transcription line count' usually provides the most cost effective outcome. A 'transcription line' is defined as 65 keystrokes. The cost of the transcription is calculated by charging for the number of 'transcription lines' at an agreed per line rate. Effectively you are charged for the number of keystrokes performed by the transcriptionist.

Cross platform compatibility

cross platformProtocols (FTPS, FTP, HTTPS, HTTP) that are platform independent are used to provide access and integration so no matter what operating system your PC, laptop or device uses all features are available.

Environmentally responsible

cross platformEvery business that makes use of our services rather than adding an office bound employee takes a car off the road and reduces their energy footprint.

Every little bit counts and it all adds up - be part of the solution rather than a contributor to the problem.

Document creation made easy

documentsTranscription is the term used to describe the conversion of an audio dictation (recording) into a typed & formatted document. The dictation can be created in different ways using different devices. While the process of delivering the dictation to us differs depending on the device / format used by you to record the original dictation, the end result is always the same - a high quality, proof read document in the format you require.

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